Our Year 12 Review Questions packages have four components.

Question & Answer Book
Multiple choice answer sheet
Formula sheet
PLUS Answer & solutions book

What do our Review Questions cover?

They were initially designed for Year 12 students in Victoria. But since that course is at least 80% compatible with that of other states and territories, this set of thoroughly prepared questions could be useful to teachers and students anywhere in Australia, and at a discounted price 20% less than paid by Victorian schools.

How are our papers different?

Focus on student learning and alternative conceptions
  • Research informed – addressing current student learning weaknesses identified by research.
  • Common incorrect answers included – generated by widespread misconceptions. 
  • Additional conceptual information – provided with some answers.
  • Alternative solutions provided – where more than one approach is possible.
Other special features
  • Thorough setting – by a team of highly experienced physics teachers.
  • Thorough vetting – through five editions by all four members of the setting team.
  • Comprehensive (approx 20-page) Answers & Solutions Book.
  • Answers & Solutions Book includes complete solutions not just short answers.
  • ​Suggested marking scheme – included with the detailed solutions.

Teachers' feedback

Cost and when available

2021 Year 12 Review Questions    $120

2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017 Year 12 Review Questions    $80 each

Note: Payment is required before products are dispatched.

2020, 2019, 2018 & 2017 Year 12 Review Questions packages will be available to download upon completion of your order and receipt of payment.


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  • Year 12 Review Questions, Answers & Solutions Book 
  • Plus a Formula sheet and Multiple-choice answer sheet for Section A of the questions
Question & Answer Book
Multiple choice answer sheet
Formula sheet
Answer & solutions book
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